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Bike Experience Tenerife was created to offer bicycle lovers the opportunity to discover our island We are an innovative company formed by people with much love of cycling and a wide experience in organizing trips and excursions.

High quality bikes being our first priority, we offer three kinds of experiences: amateur, expert and profesional. All of our routes can tell you a story about the environment, the costumes, the culture and the traditions of Tenerife.

We are offering three different severities: amateur between 50 and 70 km, expert between 60 and 100 km and pro between 90 and 180 km.

Price includes excursión + full carbón bike

Deposit:, There will be a deposit of 100 euros when the bike is picked up which will be returned to you when you bring back the bike in the same conditions as when it was handed over to you. We charge the deposit with a credit card. Also we ask for a valid identity card or Passport.

Delivery and return: at our office of Bike Experience Tenerife (Playa de las Américas) or delivery to your hotel (at least 3 days of rent) with an extra charge depending in which area you are staying.






Route + Bike
80.00 €
Basic Road 1Day
22.00 €
Basic Road 2-5Days
18.00 €
Basic Road +6Days
16.00 €
CityBike 1day
10.00 €
CityBike +2days
7.00 €
MTB 1day
20.00 €
MTB 2-5days
17.00 €
MTB +6days
14.00 €
Pro Road 1Day
31.00 €
Pro Road 2-5Days
26.00 €
Pro Road +6Days
24.00 €
Pro Disc 1Day
31.00 €
Pro Disc 2-5Days
26.00 €
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