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Boat excursions

The island of Tenerife is sounded by the rich waters of the Atlantic Ocean. This is why we are able to enjoy stable year-round temperatures, a rich seafood-infused cuisine and the extra-added bonus of the beauty of the beaches and wildlife of our coasts. We could say that the Canary Islands are also blessed to be within one of the most bountiful oceans in the world for marine life. As one would expect, Tenerife has a wide array of ocean-related activities, such as boat tours, submarine excursions, personal watercraft rental and whale-watching. We offer you the leading activities on the island, and here we’ll show you what they are.

One of the premier companies is Royal Delfin, which has many years of experience in boat tours and whale-watching. Ride aboard a catamaran equipped with a glassed area below to marvel at the depths. You can regularly witness pilot whales on a voyage with them, but don’t be surprised if you see dolphins, turtles and a rich diversity of whale species!

Another boat tour, but this time aboard a sailing catamaran, is what the Freebird Company offers you. Featuring an excellent buffet and drinks you can enjoy while marveling at the panoramic views of the island and the Teide.

If you want to unravel the undersea mysteries of the Amarilla Golf Coast, choose the Submarine Safari experience. The tour lasts one hour and you are joined by an expert guide to teach you about all of the sea creatures you will be seeing during your journey. Your window to the depths is an 80cm porthole, and just below you will find a TV monitor to show you the submarine’s different angles and information about the vessel.

And if you want to take things at your own speed and rent a water scooter, then the Jet Ski Safari is your tour! You can use them to visit the Los Gigantes cliff, and journey into its magnificent hidden caves, where you will enjoy snorkeling and swimming, and watch dolphins, flying fish and turtles on the high seas.

Reach out to our reservations team if you would like more information on boat tour choices. We’ll help find the perfect one to fit your needs and time availability. If you visit during high season, we suggest you reserve in advance, as space becomes very limited.

With this selection of tours, you definitely won’t be able to say there was “nothing to do” in terms of available activities. So throw on your swimsuit and take a look at the tour information and pricing to reserve. Enjoy!