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Excursions to El Teide

A visit to Tenerife is not complete without going to its most spectacular icon - Mount Teide. With an altitude of 3,718 meters above sea level, it’s the highest point in whole of Spain. The altitude of Mount Teide puts the island of Tenerife at number ten of the highest islands in the world.

Mount Teide has a cable car that allows you to climb up to 3,555 meters from where you can enjoy stunning views of the National Park from several viewpoints, from its peak you can even see the seven Canary Islands surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. An unforgettable experience.

Teide is located within the Teide National Park, considered on June 28, 2007, a World Heritage site by the UNESCO, in addition, it’s considered as the most symbolic monument of the Canary archipelago.

The most direct and cheapest way for visitors to experience Teide is to hire a half-day Teide excursion. An excursion that will take you directly from your hotel to the National Park visiting the most scenic areas of the national park. We offer the possibility to buy a ticket for El Teide’s Cable Car and climb to the top station in La Rambleta, 3,555 meters high and enjoy one of the most spectacular views of the Canaries.

If you are one of those who prefer a complete tour you can always choose the Teide-Icod-Garachico & Masca tour, where after visiting Teide, we will stroll through Villa de Icod with its majestic Drago, as well as the village of Garachico to finish in Masca, located in the Teno’s Massif, the location of deep ravines and cliffs. It’s a very complete and varied excursion that allows you to visit several areas in a single day. Unlike the half-day Teide expedition, in this excursion, you won’t have time to use the cable car.

One of the most spectacular experiences that can be made in the National Park of Las Cañadas del Teide is the night-time observation of the stars and the milky way, for that, nothing’s better than the Teide excursion under the stars where our specialized guides in star observation will explain the secrets of the stars and the universe.

For those who have a tighter schedule, the Teide tour with Loro Parque is the perfect one. An excursion that visits the two most visited Tenerife’s attractions - Mount Teide and Loro Parque. Also for those who want to know the seaside city of Puerto de la Cruz, the first tourist city of the island, there’s the option of Teide with Puerto de la Cruz.

And if you are one of those who likes to go in small groups you can always take the option to visit the Teide on a Jeep with two half-day Jeep Safari excursions and Jeep Safari to Teide and Masca. These excursions are carried out with a 4x4 jeep with a maximum of 8 people.

Be that as it may, you have no excuses not to visit the most visited national park in Spain, the Teide National Park.