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Excursions to another island

Tenerife is undoubtedly one of the most attractive islands with more activities and variety of landscapes, but it’s worth visiting other islands such as La Gomera.

Canary Islands all have their charm, but La Gomera is an island with a special and unique charm. That's why we offer organized trips to the Colombian island, with transportation and a specialized guide, which will show you all the most important and beautiful corners of the island. La Gomera is the second smallest island in the Canarian archipelago. Located in the western part of the islands surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, it belongs to the province of Tenerife. The capital is San Sebastian de La Gomera, and in 2012 was declared a Biosphere Reserve.

Our excursions to La Gomera will show you the center of the island where the National Park of Garajonay is, declared Patrimony of the Humanity in 1986 by UNESCO. Within the park is the forest of Laurisilva, this type of subtropical forest present in some of the Canary Islands is made up of trees of the Lauraceae family. This type of forest was very common in the Mediterranean area and North Africa 20 million years ago. But the melting of glaciers caused that much of the Laurisilva disappeared and remained confined in the Canaries and Madeira (Macaronesia) Islands. But it’s on the island of La Gomera where this historic forest is found in better conditions and abundance.

Our guides will tell you historical details of the island as it gave shelter to Cristóbal Colón himself before heading to Las Americas in search of the new world. That’s why the island is also known as the Colombian island. You will see a demonstration of Silvo Gomero. A language that was created by the ancient natives of the island; they created this dialect to communicate with each other over long distances and not have to overcome the difficult geography of the island with huge cliffs at high altitude. Currently this language is only used by a few and not to lose it it’s studied in schools. Gomera’s gastronomy is undoubtedly another of the great attractions. You can enjoy unique dishes such as the almogrote and the palm honey, the local wines and their cheeses.

With this you have enough excuses to decide to make a quick visit to this unique island. It’s a full day excursion, we leave on the first boat in the morning and return in the last to take advantage of visiting the maximum possible places.