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Nature adventure

To talk about Tenerife is to talk about Nature and Adventure. This is an island of immense beauty and geographic contrast. In this section, we have compiled all excursions that are directly or indirectly related to nature and adventure.

If you are someone who likes to hike and be active we can encourage yourself to visit Canaventura Trekking which offers numerous trails for all fitness levels.

Nature lovers should visit the Cueva del Viento a labyrinthine volcanic tube of more than 17 kilometers, not for the claustrophobic. Through the subterranean route we verify the beauty of the geomorphological phenomena that grants vulcanological, biological and paleontological importance to this natural tunnel with seven access points.

Bike Experience Tenerife is the perfect choice for cycling. It has a wide range of rental bikes to suit all types of cyclists,road bikes or mountain bikes. Bike Experience Tenerife has the best bike trails in Tenerife Island adapting to your fitness, available time and interests.

If speed is your passion Tenerife has several activities for you. Drive a state-of-the-art karting at full speed on one of its two tracks at the Karting Club Tenerife. The offer is varied according to ages and types of go karts.

Another option with much adrenaline is to feel the 4 wheels of a Quad. Quad Safari and Quad Giants allows you to explore the most beautiful corners and landscapes of this magical island: volcanoes, forests and deserts.

What better way to discover unique places like the south coast of Tenerife with its caves than on a water bike? Jet Ski Safari is the best way to travel Tenerife on watercraft.

And if you want to ride a camel, there is also that option in Tenerife. Camel Park allows you to take a ride on its Saharan camel.

You know that the Canary Islands has the most advanced observatories in the world. If you are someone that likes the sky this is your visit: Visit the Izaña Observatory which will let you know the observatory and the activity of researchers working on in an entertaining way.

As you may have noticed, the offer that combines nature and adventure is very broad, join us to participate in one of them!