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Night excursions

Thanks to the good weather Tenerife enjoys a great number of activities to do, but when night falls, another kind of activity is born, and the landscapes change completely. It’s a great opportunity for more nocturnal people. Here we offer you the best organized nightlife activities on the island.

Mount Teide is always a perfect place to spend the day walking through its hundreds of trails for hiking or trekking, taking pictures of landscapes, flora and animals and eating at the restaurants located on the area. But you can also pay a visit at night, enjoy the Teide excursion under the stars, a completely different and unique experience.

The Teide National Park is ideal to enjoy the sunset, to see the rings of Saturn during the night, the craters of the Moon and the infinite galaxies and nebulae. Its altitude, location, lack of light pollution and constant temperature make this a special and unique place to make observations of the universe in all its vastness. Thanks to this, Tenerife has recently obtained the Starlight certification, which accredits it as an internationally privileged place for star observation.

Our excursion Teide under the stars, will take you to the highest point of the island of Tenerife to see the stars, planets and constellations accompanied by an expert guide in the observation of stars. And before you finish the experience, you can have a delicious dinner at Bodegas Reverón.

Do you fancy a medieval dinner? Well, your perfect excursion is the Castillo San Miguel. Visit a medieval castle. With excellent decoration and a live show that takes place in front of the spectators while they dine, you will feel like you are in medieval times.

And if you like is the passion of dance, the choreography and intensity of Spanish folklore, you certainly cannot miss the opportunity to see the Carmen Mota Show. This show is considered one of the most genuine references of Spanish dance. Its work is distinguished worldwide for its innovative choreography that blends modern with traditional Spanish dance.

There are more nocturnal activities which vary depending on the time of year. You can visit our website to see updates on all new offers.